Quality, Unique, Wooden Bookmark

Helping to keep books in the hands of children.

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Our Story

In Oregon, there is a natural aesthetic stemming from our economic history. The timber industry of yesterday gave rise to a culture built on rugged, rooted craft, the evidence of which is found throughout the state today -- just look at our restaurants, retail stores, and concert venues.

Book Bark was born with one goal in mind: Support local childhood literacy with a product that uniquely reflects the state we live in. Combining our love for Oregon and passion for learning, we've created a quality wooden bookmark that looks great between the pages of your favorite reading materials. And with each purchase, you help support charities keeping books in the hands of children. 

You read, our children read, and together we grow the next generation of Oregon.

Book Bark Donations Proudly Support Children's Book Bank

Just $10 gives books to five kids!

When books are readily available at home, children spend more time reading—with their parents or on their own—developing the literacy skills needed to succeed in school. This in turn leads to improved education for all students, higher literacy and graduation rates, and stronger communities.


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